Columbia O'Brien Summer Student Research Program

The goal of the Columbia O’Brien Summer Student Research Program is to encourage high school, college, graduate, medical students to join our laboratories for an intensive 11-week experience at the lab bench pursuing research in the genomics and molecular biology of obstructive, congenital anomalies of the kidneys and urinary tract diseases and their consequences in UTI and obstruction. 


Our Program

Our students learn mouse genetics, cell biology and biochemistry, as well as to present their work at undergraduate symposia (Barnard and Columbia Surf Programs), at the O’Brien Center Presentations and in a university wide symposium in a meeting called the NIH Summer Research Program Symposium.  Select students have also had the opportunity to attend the O'brien Conferences—Madison Wisconsin, Asilomar and other venues.

Our Objectives Are:
  • To encourage the study of Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Developmental Biology relevant to urologic/nephrologic diseases
  • To encourage our medical students to choose careers in urological medicine and research, including the pursuit of Residency and Fellowships in Urology and Nephrology
  • To capitalize on the interaction of the NIH sponsored O’Brien Center and Columbia University to allow us
    • to utilize the recruiting and advertising mechanisms of the school, reaching as many students as possible
    • to utilize established reporting mechanisms and presentation venues for the students to disseminate their findings
    • to arrange for students to travel to national meetings. 
  • To encourage Columbia, Barnard and outside Colleges to send students for our intensive program. 
  • To promote diversity in the clinical and research communities

How to apply

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